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Our Training Program

Our training programs are based on creating a solid partnership between the horse and owner/handler. This is achieved by developing within the horse a strong foundation of good manners, trust & respect, attention, and focus on the learning process. This foundation is then carried forward into the chosen career for the horse.

Starting the young horse: Our program will generally include round pen work that is designed to create responsiveness and respect in the young horse.

Restarting older horses: This program is geared towards a horse who was previously started but who has been out of work for an extended period or who has reached a training impasse. Generally a round pen program will be designed to restart the horse at a challenging yet comfortable pace.

Addressing Behavioral Issues: Behavioral Issues often require some customized training techniques that take into consideration the individuality of your horse. Our program resolves a wide array of issues from ground manners to trailer loading to mounted behavioral problems.

Desensitizing: Our desensitizing / de-spooking program will build your horse's confidence so that he can behave sensibly around all kinds of horse-eating umbrellas, tarps, flags, mailboxes, balloons, or what have you.

Each horse's training sessions are individually journaled. The journal is reviewed at the weekly progress meeting with both horse and owner. In addition to tracking the horse's performance, this helps the owner/handler in following through with the training program after the horse goes home. Contact us to learn more about the available programs, and to discuss your horse's needs in detail so we can develop a suitable tailored training program.


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