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I highly recommend Mary Ann Bianchi for any horse training needs, from the very difficult to small improvements to make your relationship with your horse fun and safe. Mary Ann has trained two of my horses in the past year. I purchased a 6 year-old Tennessee Walker who was a show horse, mainly used in the ring; he was nervous and did not trust anyone and tended to get more nervous as he was ridden to the point he was ready to explode. I am not a very confident rider and did not feel I was able to control the horse safely outside of the ring. After several months of training he became a different horse. He was much more trusting, calmer and very friendly. He became one of the easiest horses to handle in the stable; He was easy to lead, tack-up and ride at any gait. I felt more confident riding him knowing I had the ability to control him in the ring and on the trail. Mary Ann also trained my other 8 year-old Spotted Saddle horse, which I owned for several years. Although he was a good trail horse, he had some spook issues and was afraid of a crop and tended to run through the bit if he was set off with fear. After only a few of weeks of training I could see the difference in him. He is much more manageable, drops his head for bridling and will spook in place in stead of running away. I found Mary Ann Bianchi to be different from other trainers I had used her because she works at the horse's level, not forcing them to work at a level which is out of their comfort zone.

Pat McKay, Cedar Gate Farm, Denville, NJ


- Mary Ann is an amazing and valuable resource and we recommend her highly with great enthusiasm.  She has a unique ability to gently challenge each horse to do its very best work at every level. She had only a short time to work with our horse, Domino, but she made a huge difference in his outlook.    He responded immediately to her leadership and quickly understood and seemed to enjoy the exercises she taught him.  We have had the pleasure of watching her work with other young horses and the results are always excellent and extremely impressive.  With her quick sense of humor and calm compassionate manner, Mary Ann is a top notch horsewoman!

Janice Kioko, New York


- When the time came to sell my herd I was lucky enough to meet Mary Ann. I also used natural horsemanship and searched high and low for the perfect owner/trainer to buy my filly & colt. I found her of all places... New Jersey or should I say she found me. I have to say Mary Ann really impressed  me with her patience and kindness with my babies. She was the one I knew would bring my babies up right! I look forward to update on their progress and it was a pleasure to have spent the weekend with her. Mary Ann would be an asset to any barn looking for a gentle, kind trainer.

Linda Orofino, Little Dudes Walkin, Inc., Michigan






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