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We bring 35+ years of experience to our horse training program.  We work with horses of all sizes, shapes, ages and attitudes. Our natural horsemanship training techniques are gentle yet effective.

We work with horses and owners both to foster a respectful working partnership that helps to create harmony between you and your horse.

Our training background includes apprenticeships with various well-known and well-respected natural horsemanship trainers. Through working with many different horses over the years, we bring a unique perspective to furthering the conditioning and mental focus of the horse.

Our own equestrian background has included everything from training and showing, to parades, judged trail rides, gymkhanas, field trials, and pleasure rides.

Most of all, we love our work and the horses that our work brings us in contact with.

The majestic spirit of the horse and their individual nature is honored throughout our tailored training

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At Best Hoof Forward, we provide Natural Horsemanship Training in New Jersey.  We work with horses of all ages, including desensitizing young horses and working with older horses that have specific issues.  We are certified in Natural Horsemanship training and our program is customized, as each horse is an individual.

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